June 20, 2011

Crafty Crap....

Growing up my mom always had a craft room. There was so much stuff in there that we dubbed it the "crap" room. As an adult I totally understand how that can happen. I have so many unfinished or not even started projects. Since I don't have space to donate it all too I have a "crap" closet. And don't even ask for pictures on this cram full closet. However, this weekend I did one of those projects in my craft closet. A few weeks ago I got this way cute coordinating fabric.

Cute huh?

So there it sat in my "crap" closet until I could figure out just the right thing to make. I knew I wanted ruffles so I googled a few ideas. I saw a picture of something I loved made a pattern and wahla!!

This will be so cute on Amelia.

Because I had leftover fabric I couldn't waste it. I decided Amelia's cute cousin should have a dress too so I whipped this one up! Amelia helped me model Ambree's dress.

Love this one too. We are going to Idaho for a wedding so we are going to have to take some cute pics in beautiful Victor!!

P.S. ignore my halfway reupholstered chair and if you blow the picture up ignore Amelia's dirty face.

June 9, 2011

Water Baby!

Look how much fun Amelia had at Grandma's in the sprinkler!

Who would have thought that this little girl would ever love the water? If you know her at all you would know that it has only been a few weeks since she wouldn't scream in the bathtub! Now she can't get enough of it. Amelia was the only brave grandbaby at Grandma's. None of her bigger cousins would get wet, look at our little water baby!!

June 7, 2011

Hey look! I have been spotted!!

So I mentioned I subbed in the sunbeam class on Sunday. Well in all my time actually teaching the sunbeams before Amelia was born I never had so many funny things said to me during the 2 hours! First of all the lesson was on being thankful for smell and taste. After showing the 2 sunbeams that were there all the animal noses I showed a picture of a "people" nose. I said the picture was just like their nose and like mine. The cutest girl goes NO!! Your nose is different it has spots on it! LOL. Ok so no hidden fact I am covered in freckles. When we drew pictures of ourselves she insisted that I didn't put enough spots on it. So of course they had to add more, and more, and yes even more. I didn't realize my spots were so entertaining!! After pictures she kept looking at my arms and legs and even trying to look under my shirt for my many spots! Oh man. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny!